Rêve Academy, based in North Minneapolis, is an innovative 
out-of-school program creating pathways to digital careers. 

It is founded on the belief that kids can lead us into the (digital) future.

Rêve Academy, based in North Minneapolis, is an innovative out-of-school program focused on providing a pathway to careers in digital marketing. The program couples immersive curriculum with relevant experience to create marketable talent. It is founded on the belief that kids can lead us into the future. By investing in them today, our community will see a better tomorrow.

Rêve Academy started in July 2011 with a basic website development "101" program. Today we offer three programs that are building out digital pathways for our students.

In our Web 101 program, students learn basic web design elements and create their own websites! This program is done in partnership with local charter and Minneapolis Public schools as an after-school enrichment or summer program.

In 2012, we launched two new programs as a part of our skills pathway. The first, Rêve Dev, gives students the opportunity to learn advanced skills from professionals and put that knowledge to use in a student-run business developing websites for paying clients. The students employ their understanding of HTML coding, photography, design thinking, and interviewing to elicit client needs, develop content, and construct a website for local businesses.

Our other new program, Rêve Retail, allows students to apply their digital marketing skills in piloting their own retail experience. In the summer of 2013, the first Rêve Retail team developed their own brand, fit'd, and coordinated a pop-up shop to sell fit'd t-shirts and bags.

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In our short two year history, we have served over 1000 students thanks to your support.

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